Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

A new movie from Quentin Tarantino will always be something to look forward to. His so called penultimate movie from his proposed 10 movies gives us both a taste of the late 1960’s and a take on the machinations of Hollywood. 

Starring the always superb Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt as our two friends and main leads we follow them both together as friends and individually as they cross paths with Margot Robbie giving us her best performance as Sharon Tate. 

Mixing real life characters into a real setting then filled with fictional characters is a bold move and one which allows Tarantino to have a lot of fun. It’s a film that with its length allows the characters to develop and have fun along the way ultimately bringing the film to a conclusion that we as viewers dread but then are completely subverted. 

People will complain of its length. To me every minute I spent watching these scenes play out was a joy and never dragged out. 
People will complain about its lack of plot. To me when you have so many  wonderfully well written scenes as this movie gives you, this take on this period of history is all the plot you need. 

People will complain about the ending and it making a mockery of a real life and brutal crime. To me this is the genius of QT with him doing something so violent and controversial you just don’t see it coming. 

From the colours of the period setting, to the clothes, the music and all the behind the scenes and what if moments there is a lot to take in and enjoy. 
Leonardo DiCaprio’s scenes with the child actor are so funny and then so touching as she tells him it’s the best acting she’s seen. 
Brad Pitt’s  scenes at the ranch and in his car with one of the Manson crew are tense and played with such careful poise. 
Margot Robbie’s scenes in the cinema watching herself as the real Sharon Tate brings a love and warmth to the real life character. It’s full of both joy and sadness. 

The ending will often be the talking point and QT does fill it with his typical  18 rated violence amd then giving his own movie its ‘Hollywood’ ending. 
As you can tell I loved this movie and could spout on for ages on the many other scenes that I enjoyed. It’s probably the first movie this year that I desperately want to go back and rewatch it all over again.

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