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  • Tenet



    There is much narrative brilliance here, and cinematic virtuosity, even though the plot is extremely difficult to understand. The big question is what stays with you after you are done solving the puzzle. Does Nolan have something real to say about the world through this? I am not completely sure.

  • Inferno



    The plot is pretty basic and lacks the beautiful abstraction of "Suspiria". Yet it's also a visual masterpiece by a brilliant filmmaker, with some unforgettable moments.

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  • The Other Story

    The Other Story


    A melodramatic story with many problems of plausibility, that doesn't really work as a straight forward narrative and not as an allegory about co-existence. Even though it's pretty well made and the casting is great, it's hard to believe that the script would get funding without Avi Nesher as the director.

    מעשייה מלודרמטית מלאת חריקות של אמינות, שלא לגמרי עובדת לא בפשט הנראטיבי השטוח ולא בממד האלגורי המלאכותי. ככלל, למרות מיומנות העשייה הניכרת והליהוק הנפלא כתמיד, קשה להאמין שהתסריט הזה היה מגיע להפקה לולא היה מדובר בסרט של נשר.

  • Soul



    The film aims high, to a profound philosophical meaning, and it is very impressive. But the world it creates is a bit too contrived and not completely coherent. Still, it got many moments of beauty and fun.