Us ★★½

Instead of getting all deep and analytical with you guys, I decided to copy and paste a text message I sent to my mate this morning after he asked what I thought of Us

(He knows how passionate I get when talking about horror because it’s my favourite genre, so he was prepared for my elaborate response)


“Oh man, I was really trying to be open minded. I really was. And I’ll be completely honest, the first five minutes had me hooked. The roaring sounds of the ocean, the thunderstorm rolling in, the menacing theme park rides, the toffee apple dropping into the sand; its sugary glaze lit up by neon lights with raindrops falling onto it…beautiful. There was so much amazing imagery and a really effective sense of unease being created. I felt such a sigh of relief because I was expecting the worst...and then...the ‘whistling’ started. One of my most despised horror movie clichés of all time – does anyone actually find an unidentified character whistling in the background scary? I just find it irritating. Whistling is for socially awkward people standing in line at the supermarket so they don’t have to make conversation with the checkout chick. I would have thought that complete silence would be far more unsettling. And that wasn’t the only thing...the amount of other cliches in this was bloody ridiculous, from the doppelganger children walking around with evil smiles on their faces, tilting their heads to the side to appear threatening (like what puppies do when they are confused, but humans find it cute), to the use of upbeat/happy music to juxtapose something horrific like a murder scene...I could have listed 100 things here that have all been done before and far better. But I think the worst part of it for me was the over-explaining of exposition at the end. There was no need to explain what was going on and why...that’s the whole basis of horror - the unknown. It’s like a serial killer like Michael Myers taking off his mask after decades of not speaking and killing people and saying “this is why I don’t speak, this is why I kill people”. The mystery is gone. And the comedy?? Don’t even get me started. I can see the appeal as to why people are liking it, but I’m coming from a place of being a true horror fan, more passionate than hating on it. I just wanted it to be good. But I will say I liked the score, the acting, and the visuals – they were all really effective. It was just the execution of the idea that bothered me. It just felt like a super-stylish, over-ambitious misfire.”

My mate didn’t know how to respond, so he sent an awkward face emoji :/

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