GoodFellas ★★★★★

As far back as I could remember I needed to watch this movie. I still think Wolf of Wall Street is basically the same movie, but this one is much, much better. Why? Because Goodfellas is the OG, it’s perfect and the performances and Marty are why.

Robert De Niro, the quintessential Italian American actor (or so I thought until I realized he basically only plays Irishmen in Scorsese films) is so good and Lorraine Bracco (good god) is incredible and so sympathetic as the trapped Karen Hill. Joe Pesci who was seemingly born to play a psychotic monster puts in a legendary performance.

How is this the first time I learn who Paulie (Paul Sorvino) from Goodfellas (who I think Tony Soprano is most modeled after) is? To see how much this Influenced the Sopranos was impossible to miss and seeing how many actors were in both was really fun. This movie is a real treat and deserves all of the praise it gets. Martin Scorsese is god.