Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★★★

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is a better movie than the first Borat actually but not necessarily because it has more of a narrative which does help a bit but it's not the reason anyone really watches this. It's still not always my type of humour so the entertainment value varies for me from scene to scene but like in the first movie, when it works it not only exposes so much about the people that the movie focuses on but is also genuinely funny. What makes it better than the first movie is basically the year 2020 and that it is much more direct in who it exposes and how much people are willing to say if they let their guard down. The political undertones of the first Borat weren't subtle but they weren't as overt and important since a lot of the humour aimed at provocation and how far Sacha Baron Cohen could go while the people around him still accepted it as something only culturally different. In comparison Borat Subsequent Moviefilm just has more to say and so, the exposure of people's views and what they are willing to say just takes on more meaning. And that the ridiculousness of Borat's views as a fictional character aren't actually that different from what some parts of America are like is something that was more or less subtext in some places of the first Borat which basically becomes the text in its sequel. Like the first installment it is still a more highlight-based movie for me where I gladly watch the funny parts of it again but would skip all the parts that aren't that funny to me. But it works for the most part and as mentioned, it's even better than its predecessor.

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