Good Time

Good Time ★★★

This falls into the "I totally get the appeal but it didn't do much for me" category: Bleach Blonde Pattinson is amazing and the direction perfectly fits the tension/anxiety feeling the movie wants to convey. The beginning is really good and puts you right into the action while establishing its main theme but then I thought its middle part dragged before going back to an effective ending.
I also didn't care for the characters- which is partly intentional-as Pattinson's character is revealed to be a mostly selfish and manipulative guy, even if his love for his brother seems genuine. Which is why the whole adrenaline vibe didn't really work on me the way it did for others. Is this movie really about white privilege? If it is, I though it was done in a rather messy way. Again the ending is pretty effective but as a whole I thought something was missing for me to call it great.

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