Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

I think I've watched this film fifteen times before I even knew it existed.

Suicide Squad feels like three different straight men wrote its script and never communicated or tried to escape any of the genre cliches during the job. Apparently, they also missed the "show, don't tell" day in writing class. We know you're the bad guys, you're all murderers, you don't have to keep repeating that.

Trying to impress the public every other thirty seconds with jokes and one liners, David Ayer forgot about actually making a decent film and exploring the could-be-interesting moral themes that are left barely touched.
Harley is almost a product, only there to serve as a wet dream to male DC fans and, in the end, even though Ayer tried to pretend the character was so heavily sexualized because... You know... Freedom of choice... Women can be sexual... Or... Whatever... We discover all she wanted was to be a housewife so she could be forever abused by the Joker. Beautiful story, really. Margot Robbie, along with Will Smith's Deadshot, are the only reasons Suicide Squad isn't a complete disaster.

By the way, can we talk about how they all knew each other for a couple of days and suddenly they were a beautiful family who killed other villains because... I don't know, it seems nice for the plot?

Literally the straightest movie of the 21st century. Even Viola Davis, the only actress who wasn't objectified - probably because Hollywood thinks she's too old - couldn't save this one.

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