Boyhood ★★★★

I find myself coming back to Boyhood every year. It's not something I ever intend to do, it just happens. I know it by heart by now, but even so, certain moments still get me as if I were watching them for the first time: the family's first move, the Thanksgiving gathering, Mason and Sheena's trip to Austin, Mason's arrival at college. Every time I revisit them, they hit just right.

I think there's something about Boyhood that makes me feel in control. I know, it's strange to say that about a film. Every time I watch it, however, I feel as if I can rewind time. I go back to the first time I ever saw life reflected in cinema and I understood that film can be more than action, horror or wacky animation. To the first time I was aware of time and felt an overwhelming nostalgia for the present.

As I watch these characters grow and change, I return to my own moments that changed me and allowed me to grow. I return to the milestones that I didn't fully appreciate and let slip away. I return to my childhood and my teens, to the days in school I was so desperate to be over but miss now, to class trips I wish I'd enjoyed more. It's all so vivid and it's so strange that it's all because of one film.

On my last day as a teenager, I wanted to watch something meaningful, so I asked myself what was the most important movie of my teens. It felt so natural to say Boyhood.

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