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Mario Melendez


Hello to everyone who is reading my profile!

My name is Mario and I'm from Mexico, I love this site since I met years ago and for that…

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  • Confidence



    When I see a film like this I always put a lot of faith in it long before I see it, I imagine in my head that it can be great but in the end either they leave me a big surprise or they end up leaving me a disappointment. But Confidence is for me perhaps for the first time (?) one of those films that leave me in a feeling between because I really like it, it's really a…

  • Cold War

    Cold War


    I hope that I can express in this writing (and not be short of words) all that my heart and my head think about this film since these are worth at least for me (and I hope that also those who read it will like it). I loved this film for the first time and I think it deserves to have a review written by me so that I can contribute my little grain of sand. Its a love at…

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  • Eternal Beauty

    Eternal Beauty


    David Thewlis Filmography Project

    If you want to read the complete list click on the following link: Here

    #12 Eternal Beauty

    Mike = The Quirky character

    Pros: When I heard that Craig Roberts would return after four years since his debut I thought, "this could be interesting" since this young man has good influences from great contemporary directors. In Eternal Beauty the theme of human frustrations is addressed and how sometimes people are confirmed to find themselves stable by sacrificing…

  • Popcorn



    One of the most positive things I can admit about this pandemic is that I have given myself the opportunity to watch films that I have always left (for some reason) pending and that I can now dedicate to them from my free time and not leave them behind. This little slasher film is one of many.

    Popcorn's flaw is that it is a disorganized film (which even though it doesn't look like it), making a bad parody inside another,…

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  • Ratcatcher



    Ratcatcher is not only a somber poem but also a clear reason why people sometimes hate to see those kinds of films: because it makes them think and that sometimes hurts and a lot, what do I mean by that? Lynne Ramsay has made a contextual story about a particular time, place, and way of life, which you have to be open to perceive in order to understand everything that happens, where everything in it seems not to matter or…

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    David Thewlis Filmography Project

    If you want to read the complete list click on the following link: Here

    #11 I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    Father: The Wacky Character

    Pros: Ok. Let's be clear! This film its THE moment right now. I'm happy! can taste the fantasy and it was so pleasant, didn't expect to publish the review today Saturday but I couldn't resist the urge, the reason? so many friends desire to see my review. What a heterogenic experience: this…