• Mutant Action

    Mutant Action


    This is the second time I've seen it, on my first attempt I was almost falling asleep and I did it again because although I would like to give it another chance, as much as I try to convince myself it must be realistic: This is not the work that will place Alex de la Iglesia in a good position. It has his signature corky style that would identify him in his other projects so that's a good thing.


  • The Wrong Fiancé

    The Wrong Fiancé


    I had to watch it because I was very bored, originally this movie premiered at the beginning of 2021 was made to be broadcasted on the Lifetime network and it was thanks to the fact that in my country there is a TV channel where they are exclusively dedicated to broadcast some of those recent productions of this kind with Spanish dubbing.

    The famous director David DeCoteau who has been well known for more than thirty years specifically for making…

  • Sweet Virginia

    Sweet Virginia


    This film has surprised me and even more considering that I had avoided it several times for the simple fact that the trailer did not convince me since it was released, but thank goodness I have seen it to get rid of that doubt once and for all. Sometimes you can find an independent film that can be somewhat captivating, I say this because Sweet Virginia without aspiring to be something great has good attributes in its favor: dark story,…

  • Life During Wartime

    Life During Wartime


    Sometimes some indie directors dare to make sequels, as was the case of Todd Solondz who in 2009 plunged into making a sort of semi-alternative sequel to his cult work Happiness, a film that I praise for its audacity but that I never ended up loving nor consider it his best project. Both have in common an attack on the supposed normality of understanding our true selves, as well as Solondz's ability to make us laugh at very serious and…

  • Burning Blue

    Burning Blue


    In the U.S. military, the policy of "Don't ask, don't tell" is well known. This law prohibited any homosexual or bisexual person from disclosing his or her sexual orientation or even discussing any homosexual relationship while serving in the military; that for the "don't tell," on the "don't ask" part prevented superiors from undertaking any inquiry or investigation as long as the prohibited behavior was not exhibited. This policy, which guided the morale of the U.S. military for decades and…

  • Angela's Ashes

    Angela's Ashes


    Thanks to this film I have one of the fondest memories of this film in my life. I remember that the first time I saw it was in my High School days, in those years I would stay up all night on weekends and one Friday I found it by chance changing the channels and by some strange nostalgic feeling I stayed watching it until the end. I think it is thanks to this film and others that I love…

  • 99 francs

    99 francs


    99 Francs is a film that I could never find anywhere (be it on the web, physical DVD or any other medium) and I was eager to see it, I looked for it for some time and when it seemed that I was going to be disappointed it was thanks to a friend who shared it with me because he got it through a Torrent site. In short, what we see for more than 100 minutes is a global critique…

  • A Perfect Enemy

    A Perfect Enemy


    I'll say it from the beginning without any blushes and with too much honesty: I only gave this film a chance because Tomasz Kot is the protagonist. When I wrote my review of Cold War I said that he was an underrated actor to follow in his footsteps and I still stand by my position, he is a great actor with very valuable qualities, only that this film has been a meh step backward in his career.

    For me, this…

  • Hangfire



    They say that what you do says a lot about you, and I'll make one thing clear: I haven't watched every film Peter Maris has directed enough to say that he's a bad director, but I can venture to say blindly that Hangfire is one of his best.

    It's a first isn't anything we haven't seen before, though that's not its flaw. It's the traditional action story where some prisoners take advantage of a brawl to escape from prison creating…

  • The Big Bad Swim

    The Big Bad Swim


    Did I spend months (practically) looking for The Big Bad Swim, why? Very simple: I prefer to investigate about a film that is rarely talked about, you know, if you have seen my reviews written here I am more inclined to see what almost no one sees or talks about than what for many people is common and get carried away by a mame, which is respectable and I do not qualify that it is something negative in question, I…

  • May God Save Us

    May God Save Us


    In these last five years, there is a very peculiar director (although well, I know he is not the only one, because there are more obviously) who has made little noise lately which I think should be felt widely around the world in the sense that they turn to see him, I mean Rodrigo Sorogoyen, as his offerings remind me of those early directors who sought to break away from certain norms in terms of making comedic or too kitsch…

  • Transference: Escape the Dark

    Transference: Escape the Dark


    Transference: Escape the Dark is the second film work of Matthew Ninaber which was released last year but that until the beginning of this 2021 has echoed by seeing this same incarnate and be Psycho Goreman in the film of the same name and recent days this has been on everyone's lips, Ninaber is a promising guy who wants to make his way into the cinema like many others by tackling Science Fiction stories of current approaches wanting to choose…