Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★★

I went to the theatre.  Correction.  I went to the Highlander for a burger, tots, and beer.  There I ate outside with a friend.  At a restaurant!

Then, we walked over to the theatre.  Bought a ticket.  Sat in our seats and watched a movie on the largest screen I’ve seen in a COVID age.  I was emotional over this finally happening. 

Unfortunately, theatre seats are still uncomfortable and the sound was horrible.  All fronts, no sides or rear.  One imagines William Hurt exclaiming, “How do you FUCK that up?”

Army is Snyder’s primal scream over the loss of his daughter.  As a father with two daughters and a son, I recoil at the thought of them dying before me.  Yet somehow, Snyder created this fun, inventive Kelly’s Heroesesque romp to deal with unfathomable grief.

Taking over the duty of cinematography, Snyder constructs a new look.  He doesn’t reuse old tricks.  

So glad I saw this on a huge screen.  So glad I saw this.  So glad.