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  • Good Time
  • Back to the Beach
  • Paris Is Burning
  • Ghost Chase

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  • Capriccio


  • All Through the House


  • Highway to Hell


  • Bad Dreams


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  • Capriccio



    I wanted to like it, instead I found some nuggets of interest throughout the 16 minutes. I respect the skill and time it took to sculpt all those snowmen, that was real snow I think, so in that way this film is artistic and holds merit.

  • All Through the House

    All Through the House


    Sooooo I actually liked this?

    Filmed with a home camera and very bad acting…but there’s sort of kind of maybe a plot and whoever did the gore effects- my gosh, like, please hire this person for Blumhouse at least. They’re a fucking star!

    A Santa-masked stalker enters the Christmasy homes of couples about to “bed down” for the night. Lots of lingerie and gratuitous bad attitudes, and gilfs (grandmas) >__> but…yeah this is a surprising recommend for me 🎅👍

Popular reviews

  • Arrival



    As of it's release, I think this is what every alien film was supposed to be. What other films brush off in seconds this film builds into an ultimate message. Some films are designed to give us hope, I left the theater in thankful tears.

  • Green Room

    Green Room


    I had a lot to say in a review while watching this, but honestly, I think I just want to say that my faith in modern film making is rekindled, and I'm thankful and happy, and really proud of this production. I have love for this film