Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

I wasn’t even going to give him my money, but then I did.

Pulp Fiction will always be one of my ultimate favorites, just like Rosemary’s Baby will always be important. But anyway, Once Upon a Time was everything I could want from LA. A city I don’t much care for, and achieved a brilliant tribute to the 1960’s and it’s cinema. It’s much less Hateful Eight/Django and more Jackie Brown/Pulp Fiction. It’s a turn to classic Tarantino.

It also made me uncomfortable as a woman. Quentin is so out of touch with my gender that I felt embarrassed to be at the theater. Aside from all of the sexism and butt crack seams on actors asses, imagine if this was a mostly female cast and Robbies character was male. Him without any lines, running around town with a giant smile, making fists against his face while he watches the film he’s in, cutting back to the deep, dynamic female leads. He’d be “the guy in the movie, or, the dumb guy in the movie”.

Lastly, Brad and Leo’s characters are lovers? Only a handful of modern movies have this old school subtext from start to finish. They even describe them as “more than brothers, a little less than wives”. A little less? “Less than wives”, sure, “a LITTLE less than wives”? 🤔 Also animal harm warning. Bad people can be artistically relevant. Ain’t that just the way.

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