Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★½

Come with me if you want to live. Or if you want to see another great movie.
"I think its that guy from the mall...look just send everything you ve got in the area right now" This starts the amazing climax and you know there's 45 minutes of awesomeness left.
Look I could tell you about the groundbreaking special effects or the interesting plot or the action scenes but I won't. Theres lots of other reviews and synopsis that can explain those points. So Here's a few things I loved about the movie...i love time travel stories, action movies with chase scenes, gun battles and explosions. This movie has those and more. The chase scene is iconic with 2 terminators after John. I love the minigun scene with the grenade launcher ending. Then there's the destruction of the offices thats cool. Theres so much more. Bike versus helicopter anyone? Well not really but that part was good too.
You may not like this movie, that's ok. Im just glad others do. I give this a 9 !!!
Its not perfect but for me its very close.
PS. Part of the reason some rank this movie very high is because of the historical significance of the computer graphics and special effects. This film broke new ground and showed audiences things that had never been seen before or had only been done in a low quality. If you are old enough to remember CGI before this movie then im sure you understand why its worth some of it praise. That's why I think some younger viewers don't respect it for what it was. Shame.

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