Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

Army of the Dead whilst not a total loss it’s far from being the brilliant action/zombie romp I hoped for.

Where it fails is it does not deliver the fear and dread the undead should bring. Instead we get a film that’s so focused on the set pieces it forgets to make the viewer care about the characters and the dangerous heist they need to pull off. There is plenty of action but it’s drenched in cgi, some of it works and some of it needless and disappointing.

Most of the humour falls flat on its face. The narrow focus camera is distracting along with a copious amount of lens flare.

All in all a disappointing affair, maybe I was hoping it would deliver on a tense action/zombie heist thriller which was high on tension, thrills and spills but what we get is poorly written computer game stylised with human actors.