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  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    "Black Widow" is a Great way to start off the next phase of MARVEL films.

    It is finally here! After a lot of postponements and delays due to the pandemic; and boy did it come out with a bang. All of the postponements had a lot of people worried about the final product of the film. However, the eighty percent ratting on Rotten Tomatoes seems pretty accurate.

    Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, faces her demons of her past in a…

  • The New Mutants

    The New Mutants


    "The New Mutants" could have been everything, but ends up being nothing.

    "The New Mutants" came out on August 26, 2020. All of the negative reviews that I have read about this film really made me reluctant to watch it. This film had quite a bit of hype coming out, but it flopped HARD.

    The film tries to combine the Superhero and Horror genre, and it fails miserably. "The New Mutants" fails to provide the good scares that are necessary…

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  • Enola Holmes

    Enola Holmes


    As soon as I saw the trailer to this film, I immediately knew I was going to watch it. “Enola Holmes” is about the sister of Sherlock Holmes and her adventures. Now that I have watched the film, let’s get to it. For those of you that have never read any of my reviews before, it would be good for you to know that I keep my reviews spoiler free, and I talk about the positives and the negatives. As…

  • The Silence of the Lambs

    The Silence of the Lambs


    This film has been on my watchlist forever. It wasn't until just yesterday I finally had the chance to watch it. I have only heard good things about "the Silence of the Lambs" and was so excited to see it. For those of you who have never read any of my reviews before, you should know that I try to keep all of my reviews spoiler free. Also I try to find the positives and negative in each film that…