Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★


After marathoning all of Quentin Tarantino's filmography to prepare for this moment, we have finally arrived to his newest film, the first release where I myself got to see on the big screen, the best place to go to see a movie. Sure you can stream them all you want or enjoy your high-dollar Blu-rays and 4Ks, but nothing compared to seeing movies in the cinema. Quentin Tarantino understands that, being an auteur filmmaker who loves the cinema himself, and keeps churning out quality films to share his love for the whole cinema and all its many genres. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is his love letter to the movies.

The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Booth, a washed-up Hollywood actor, and Brad Pitt as Clint Booth, his stunt double, as they struggle to stay relevant in the last year of Hollywood's Golden Age, 1969. Rather than tell a conventional narrative, Tarantino took his near-three hour runtime and crafted something special, a top-notch character piece that celebrates the art of Hollywood filmmaking and embraces the bygone era of Hollywood's Golden Age.

I loved this movie, you guys! From the sharp dialogue as always, to Tarantino's constant passion to paying homage to the classics of the past to the throwback music which enhances each character moment and emotion; the three hours simply flew by! Leo and Pitt are an amazing duo and I loved what these top-tier actors were able to being on screen together. One of my favorite moments in the film is watching the two discuss their work in a TV show they were involved in. Reminded me of the recent commentary video I shot with my sister where we discussed the MCU and Iron Man; shows how much Tarantino understands movie fans.

"But wait a minute, Jacob, doesn't this film involve Sharon Tate and Charles Manson?"

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Margot Robbie, one of my favorite actresses right now, plays real-life actress Sharon Tate who's life was tragically cut short by infamous serial killer Charles Manson. Watching the film, I was shocked that Margot honestly had very little to do in this film, as we see her enjoy her career as an actress and her marriage to now-controversial filmmaker Roman Polanski. But at the end of the day, I still enjoy what Robbie was able to bring to the screen and she left a loving presence which reflected the theme of the film, the artistic merit of the cinema and the legacy of the actors that are a part of it. As for Charles Manson, I can't go into it because of spoilers, but... if you've seen Inglourious and how Tarantino incorporates history in his films, you're going to be in for a wild ride in the final 20 minutes!

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is yet another fantastic Tarantino film, and easily in my Top 3! Each and every time he makes a film, Tarantino is more confident in his filmmaking, he knows what's he's good at, and strives 110% to making his original projects work for his audience. Yes, his movies are divisive for some people, and this one's not going to change haters minds, but for me and all my other Tarantino fans, this is definitely a must-watch in the theaters to support original content in the age of franchises and remakes!

(not that franchises and remakes are bad, I just love the variety)

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