Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★

I haven't done one of these in a while, and this is the perfect film to do it.

Letters to the Director #14- Terminator 2

To Mr. James Cameron,
You've done it!

Congratulations! You've done it!

Seriously, you've really done it!

You have seriously made your ultimate magnum opus movie that I doubt even your precious Avatar franchise won't be able to overtake! It's the sequel to the already excellent film you brilliantly set up in such a small scale and entertained and totally terrified the heck out of me while maintaining a slick of coolness to it, but this time, on a much bigger budget and upped the intense factor, visuals, and storytelling, and much more action-oriented, Terminator 2, not only one of the best sequels I've ever seen, but also a contender for one of the greatest actions films of all-time!

It's weird to say that for a sequel when the storyline is somewhat of a rehash of the original but on steroids; you know, where a terminator is sent back in time to terminate the one who will stop the future uprising against the machines with a soldier sent to protect the possible victim, but this time, and what I loved about the concept here, Ahnold's back, but fully reprogrammed to defeat the undefeatable T-1000 and protect 10-year-old John Connor. I'm usually against rehashes, Mr. Cameron, but you set the suspense up so well that I could care less that it's deja vu. It's more than a cash-grabbed sequel. It's a completely passionate sequel you knew HAD to be made in order to fully realize your creative genius of a vision that while already excellent, needed a little more money in the make to be something even more special, and this was that film.

This film, Mr. Cameron, is totally insane! So many spectacular moments in this film that I'm still stunned that it took me this long to finally see it! Let's see here, we got Ahnold's epic entrance to "Bad to the Bone" (best usage of that song ever). Ahnold killing it on that bike. The progression of kick-butt, sadistic, machine-acting Sarah Connor (and one of the most violent female characters I've ever seen). The extravagant chase sequences this side of George Miller. Robert Patrick as the highly creepy T-1000. Still phenomenal CGI that looks better than the blue people. That in-your-face explosion. "Hasta la vista, baby!" "I'll be back." That nuclear nightmare sequence. The deep thoughts of human life that totally surprised me for a hard-R action film. The beautiful ending.

And I've gone all out haven't I? You've probably got it by now, I really loved this movie! It takes the already established levels set so high in the amazing original and takes it to brand new heights and sparkles with the out-of-this world stunts and visuals and emotional character progression. While the Terminator franchise is currently sitting in presumably dud mode without your involvement and you're too busy with Avatar, I'll be busy revisiting Ahnold killing it on that bike and floored at how you were able to pull off the stunts without anyone getting killed.

The ultimate adrenaline rush!

Thanks for the memory, Mr. Cameron!


The Movie King

"He'll live."


I would not have seen Terminator 2 without the recommendations of my fellow moviegoing friends of Letterboxd. If anyone knows of any great movie you think I'll enjoy, like maybe another Arnold Schwarzenegger or high-energy sci-fi, please let me know on my "Film Recommendations, Anyone???" list. Link to the list is here below:

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