Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★★

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Can it all be agreed that James Cameron can do no wrong in the action department? This film is simply an adrenaline brain fart in all the right ways. Excessive shootouts, insane physical stunts that could have gone wrong, like that sequence on the underpass, top-notch CGI that was groundbreaking for its time and still holds up phenomenally well, and massive explosions that'll make even Michael Bay wet his pants with envy that he'll never top this action masterwork.

Terminator 2 takes everything that made the original film great and improves upon it in every single way imaginable. Having a bigger budget, for one thing gave Cameron the chance to further utilize his massive vision and spectacle, but even though it has a similar plot as the first, it still feels new and unique that I don't mind the similarities. In this film, even with all the bonkers, in-your-face action, the film still has time to ensure that the characters drive the film to greatness, from the body-building rage machine Sarah Connor, to her dorky, punk brat son John, to the now reprogrammed Terminator, to the intimidating T-1000.

Everyone is on their game here and deliver in essentially an action film that cannot be topped. Ahnold delivers some great one-liners and even learns about the value of humanity despite being a machine, the universal themes present here are thought-provoking and challenging even in 2017, and to elevate all that is the fantastic vision brought by one of Hollywood's greatest visionaries James Cameron, and those phenomenal action sequences and visual effects.

From the "Bad to the Bone" opening, to the insane chase sequences, to the nuclear meltdown, to the climax in the metal shop, this is one amazing thrill ride that never gets old.

"Hasta la vista, baby!"


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