Blindspotting ★★★★


Blindspotting is a movie that expertly expresses the anxieties of gentrification, police brutality, and what it’s like to be black in america. i remember someone on this app describing it as a “surrealist musical” and i couldn’t agree more.  the way intense scenes are directed feel incredibly nightmarish, making the theater feel like it was spinning as i was watching it. the editing in this film is tremendous, and obviously the two leads completely steal the show. 

really my problems with this film are personal preferences about how the in-your-face symbolism is shown to the audience. i feel that certain images would’ve been more effective if they were a little more subtle. even little things such as establishing shots felt a little too obvious at times and could have used some toning down. i think other movies this year like Sorry to Bother You, while obviously being very different in its ideas, had a much stronger and more unique approach in its symbolism about gentrification and capitalism. still, this is an tremendously put-together film that shouldn’t be missed.

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