Possessor ★★★½

i thought this was pretty great, but i get why this got kinda mixed reception straight outta sundance. the pacing is pretty slow and it feels almost overly-confident about its ambitious concepts and visual flare that its dialogue and world-building can feel a bit underwritten. but i think it pretty much excels in its acting, production design, cinematography, and score. Andrea Riseborough and Jennifer Jason Leigh are both very good but Christopher Abbott really steals the show here. he presents several different clashing emotions that sometimes change within the same scene and he’s super convincing. i was also pleasantly surprised with the gore, it gets pretty gross fast and i really didn’t see it coming. if David Cronenberg made this we’d be calling it his best film in years no doubt. 

there’s a scene in this where hot girls do drugs while Orville Peck plays in the background and honestly that scene represents my goals in life

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