The New Mutants

The New Mutants ★★★

You know what?? Given all the troubled history that this film had, I found this to be an decent movie. Better than I expected.   

Most of the enjoyment that I had from the 95mins runtime came in after 30/40mins after a certain reference to a previous X-Men film then my interest in this film became more. (And if this came out when it was supposed to the first time, it would make more sense with the big reference)  

Before that, it was just boring. It was just YA stuff that I wasn’t interested in. (I did like the opening of the film though) 

When that reference happens, I really dug this movie, it did start to bring the horror element more forward,   (however I wished it was more effective) especially with the appearance of the smiley creepers! Some of the nightmare dream stuff was decent also.

I definitely bought the chemistry of the cast. They all put in very good performances. Anya Taylor-Joy was probably the best in the film (but her accent is mixed for me), Maisie Williams was also very good as well.

I wished The New Mutants showed off the powers more than what we see off in the final showdown. Speaking of the final showdown, it’s fine, nothing spectacular to talk about. The CGI throughout the film is also fine.

This is definitely not the worst X-Men by a mile. It’s better than the likes of Dark Phoenix, Origins: Wolverine, Last Stand and Apocalypse. As I did have some fun with this film, and given the runtime, it’s would be a easy rewatch also. 

This was just a decent film. Yes I saw this in the cinemas and I’m glad to finally say  The New Mutants a is a real film that I’ve finally seen.

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