A Star Is Born ★★½

While everyone is praising this movie I get it.. I really do unfortunately I didn't really love this sadly I saw this out of curiosity I'm glad I saw this but I would not see it again but I say the ending was pretty brutal and so sad but I didn't cry like everyone else did and I didn't feel much chemistry with the main two leads I means it's not bad it's not as awkward like Beauty and the Beast (2017) but I just didn't feel it.. As for songs? I didn't remember them they are fine and well written but it's quite bland if that's the right word? I did get bored a lot during this film I mean this isn't as boring as La La Land but it's meh at best I don't get the great reviews I mean I seen much better romantic/drama movies then this I mean this isn't terrible or bad it just wasn't for me it's okay.

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