12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men ★★★★½

Riveting and a masterclass in acting, this film grabs you by the face and refuses to let go with its compelling story and fleshed out characters, each harboring flaws slowly and methodically brought to light.

Nearly perfect on every level, the claustrophobic cinematography, the powerful performances, the consequences of the characters' decisions, all of it comes together so satisfyingly in the end. The movie does a great job of slowly pulling you into the overheated jury room with them until you soon find yourself encumbered with the full weight of their actions. Every vote, every case pleaded is felt as you twist and reassess your own conviction as the argument progresses. We begin to learn new and crucial reasons for why the jurors stand to convict a teenager of murder and, along the way, learn about our own predisposition we may have about the case. Even if it could have done without some scenes and achieved a shorter, leaner runtime; Even if you may feel you've already had the ending spoiled for you somewhere, this is one classic every bit deserving of the word and well worth your time today.

I liked it.