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  • Joker



    "JOKER wants to paint its subject as a hero – as a man who the system failed and who pushed back against that failing system. The trouble is Joker doesn’t push back against the failing system – he shoves a stick of dynamite into the gears and lights the fuse. That’s not heroic: That’s anarchy and should not be celebrated..."

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  • Country Music

    Country Music


    Any music documentary that considers history “done” before the age of online music is truly incomplete.

    A wonderful walk through the history of the genre, but its omission of everything from Cash’s American years, to The Dixie Chicks fight with the establishment. Shania Twain is given a passing mention that lasts about thirty seconds.

    When artists like Taylor Swify, Leann Rimes, Keith Urban, and Carrie Underwood are missing from your “history”, you drew a line too far out.

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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread


    "...The danger with an attachment to objects is that eventually one begins to see people as objects too. Siblings, staff, significant others – the temptation can be high to see all of these souls as an extension of the self and a way to tell the world whatever one wants about oneself.

    The people we seat at our table, the company we keep as we walk through an event, there are many amongst us who see these people as little…

  • Logan



    "...Charles speaks with sweet sorrow about not being a better teacher, Logan wryly retorts that he wasn’t a good pupil. Their words are laced with both fondness, and regret. The expressions on their faces are a combination of “remember when” and “what if”.

    This is where time has brought them; to a point where they aren’t heroes, but instead teacher and student…father and son. They are, at long last, human...."

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