The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★

24 years since Casino and Scorsese's reunion with De Niro brings out the latter's best work for a generation.

Although this is rather sprawling with a weak first act (the CGI bobble-heads take some getting used to) the final two hours are superb. Combining a fired up Pacino with a returning Pesci really seems to help De Niro to raise his game.

Some of the final act key moments are splendidly played out. Effects aside, there's nothing particularly flashy about the style of this film though. It actually doesn't feel overly directed - as if Scorsese wasn't overly motivated himself. There's a strange emptyness at times.

Well done to Netflix for taking a chance and stumping up the ridiculous amount of cash needed to make this. They've bought themselves a landmark and memorable film. Not perfect but definitely memorable. Classic with a little 'c'.