Edge of Tomorrow ★★★★

As plot gimmicks go in science fiction movies, they don't get much better than the one featured in 'Edge of Tomorrow'. The movie didn't initially grab hold of me but as soon as Mr. Cruise realizes he can die in battle and start over with improved results I was pretty much hooked.
The effects, action, and acting are all top notch even though this obviously isn't Shakespeare here. What I think I find even more remarkable about it though is that Warner Bros. actually took a big budget chance on something without immediate name recognition. They seem to be the only studio doing that nowadays and its so refreshing to watch something that isn't blatantly being set up as a "saga" with 2 or 4 or 50 more movies needed to tell a complete story.
Instead, everything is here packaged neatly by director Doug Limon that offers sweet summer movie treat that satisfies in every way.

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