Lady Bird

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This is not a review, I'm sorry lol. As much as I would want to write another review about how much I love this movie, I'm about to get in my feelings y'all...again. But Lady Bird is a movie that has really started hitting me harder and harder ever since I moved from my country. And it's funny how I was exactly like Christine. I used to hate my hometown in Macedonia. To me it was the worst place in the world. I never fit in there and I always wanted to go somewhere with more culture and art. It made me depressed honestly. But ever since I moved I've been feeling so weird. I like the place where I'm at right now, but at late nights I just start getting nostalgic and I start reminiscing on my years there. It's so surreal because sometimes I feel like I'm reliving my past emotions and memories. Even the shitty ones that give me anxiety lol. And I'm starting to really miss it now. I only dreamed of leaving that shitty place, but honestly now I only want back. It was familiar to me and it was a part of me. But honestly I felt like a stranger in my hometown and I also do here, but I've lived too long there to just let go of it. I don't know how I feel anymore. I'm going back for a bit this summer. I think that will make me happy.

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