Tomb Raider ★★★½

I wasn't expecting one of these to actually be good, but here we are. An actual good movie based off of a video game. And it's not just passable like half of these video game movies, but honestly pretty good. It's not amazing, but it's a step in the right direction. Tomb Raider is a good action flick that does a decent job with not over complicating it's story and introducing some decent characters. It ultimately boils down to just a lot of fun. The action is spectacular and the suspense it carries is even greater. It honestly feels like the 2013 game in that sense, but it's not a 100% adaptation. That's what makes it so good, really. It does it's own thing and it does a great job at it.

Alicia Vikander carries this whole movie. Her Lara Croft is charismatic, powerful, but also human. She goes through some shit in this movie and you honestly feel everything. She's not invincible, but that makes her even more badass. They got Lara Croft right and that's the most important thing they could've done. The rest of the cast is pretty fine, but Alicia Vikander is the one that makes this movie and her performance just steals everything.

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