Ready Player One ★★½

Spielberg is still the king of motion and while lots of ink has been spilled about this being, essentially, a nostalgia for when *he* ruled the world (oh, the teenage id of every white american male who came of age in the 1980s), I can't help but shake one scene from my mind.

Towards the end of the film, as the masses decide to stage a revolution against the evil corporation trying to take over control of the OASIS, the "real world" baddies discover the location of the van holding our dear hero, about to "save" the world. The head of the evil security team jumps in a van of her own and takes to the streets to try and find him, and in the process, looks out the window, aghast, at the sea of 11-14 year old gamers wearing headsets on the dirty streets as they rally against the evil avatars inside the game. A quick S/RS, and the look of horror on the face of the security leader tells us all we need to know: she is mortified that the masses found the power within themselves to rally together and defeat the villain. But that S in the RS is very important: what it gives us are the masses gathered together in the post-industrial wasteland They are saving the world by....gaming. We are doomed.