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You'd think they'd have the parking lot of America to go with the Mall of America.

Favorite films

  • Clue
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • Addams Family Values
  • Batman Returns

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  • Demonic



    I fell asleep… and as much as I feel like I should give this movie a chance to see the ending, the part I was awake for didn’t exactly fill me with hope, so maybe it’s better to just leave it as-is

  • Jexi



    Rose Byrne lifelessly reciting CupcakKe lyrics is a 12-star moment in a 1-star movie.

Popular reviews

  • Scream



    I… loved this? Potentially my favorite of the sequels, though I’ll remain a champion of Scream 4 as long as I can still form sentences.

    I’ve been cautiously optimistic for months, and religiously stayed away from almost all the marketing, and this lived up to the hype that existed in my head, which is no small feat. I would be satisfied with this as the end of the story, and I would also gladly return for another outing. I have maybe never felt this optimistic about a horror franchise’s options, and it feels great, tbh.

  • Castle Freak

    Castle Freak

    My mind was absolutely boggled by how this douchebag couple was still together after the boyfriend causes a drunk driving accident that leaves the girlfriend blind and scarred, while the boyfriend doesn’t have a scratch on him. Seems fair, sure. So they’re in the Albanian castle the girlfriend - a sort of store brand Sky Ferreira - just inherited from the mother she never knew, and the boyfriend is like hey baby wanna go to the bone zone and she’s…