Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★★

“La vida es como la espuma, por eso hay que darse como el mar”

The thing with this film is... well i watched it when I was thirteen, three/four younger from Tenoch and Julio, and the only thing that really left an impression on me from the film was sex and the boys outlandish nature (aka i took nothing from it then). Watching the movie now, as an adult, I understand that it is a kind of film that causes the mind to wander about your own past. The friends you had that you’d get up to sneaky shit with, but you do do so because you’re young and know almost nothing. For Tenoch and Julio, Luisa teach them that life has more to offer than rules, basic sex, drugs, ridiculous disagreements, all these tenets that make their friendship . The relationships you create can turn into love but to maintain those relationships requires honesty, Louisa (in her time with the boys) speaks only honestly for things that matter to them but she never tells them the truth that led her to this journey of her own self discover. It's a tragedy for all three of them. And I’m left saddened by the truth that I can see mirrored in my life, the death of passion, friends of youth, honesty. Things die, people die, but they always remain in our memories, in the way we remember them, speak of them, the objects they leave behind, the wisdom they left behind. Sometimes it takes looking in the face of death to make yourself whole and realize what it is you want out of life. Whether you choose to make the most of what’s left or simply try to delay the inevitable is up to you, but maybe it’s better to take a journey that has inevitably so long as you live and make peace with it. There’s so much more left to discover as you grow older, but some people are robbed of that. It’s a sad truth, this is a film of sad truths.