The Lighthouse ★★★★½

It's obvious, now, that Robert Eggers is a master of telling stories that take inspiration from fairy tales and legends and, then, using them in order to show the relation between the man and his immagination. As well as the Witch, the characters' mind are lead by their beliefs and the movie make real these beliefs. In the Witch, the presence of the evil in nature lead characters in madness. Instead, in the Lighthouse, madness is brought by the guilt of Pattinson's character who made some kinda of "forgivness journey" that failed since the Pattinson's arrogance.
There're so many ways to appreciate this work but this is the first that comes in my mind.
Regarding the tecnique, I loved the cinematography of this film which remindes some Bergman's black and white works ( Persona, The Seventh Seal and Hour of Wolf which, actually, I've seen after this ). Pattinson's performance is great, Dafoe's one is incredible. Also sound design is great. I'm surely will watch this to realise if it deserves a five star rating.

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