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  • Y Tu Mamá También

    Y Tu Mamá También


    damn. alfonso really said “make it horny, but heartbreaking”.
    the dynamic of these characters was so interesting to watch.
    the cinematography and camera movement was of course spectacular. 
    and the colors in each shot just feel so right and natural. gotta love it.

    watched on criterion blu-ray.

  • The Executioner

    The Executioner


    i was way too distracted while watching this, so i will for sure be rewatching.
    but i really loved how this looked and the cinematography was oh so nice.

    watched on criterion blu-ray.

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  • Inside Llewyn Davis

    Inside Llewyn Davis


    absolutely one of my favorites from the coen brothers so far.
    besides being a huge folk music fan, and idolizing the 50s and 60s new york era, to me, this film is as real as it gets.
    the struggle is real (sorry, had to use it), the situations llewyn was in were real. he was just a young soul searching for a break and hadn't found one.
    but in his trying, id say he changed. its not clear that he…

  • Minari



    bruh, i really just be giving 5's out left and right.
    but like, when a film literally makes me sob and feel so many things and when i watch the entire end credits in awe and wonder of what i just witnessed, you kinda have to.

    beautiful story, beautiful cast, beautiful score (omfg that score), beautiful cinematography and visuals.
    this film is just so beautiful.

    i've felt like i've needed a hug for quite some time now, but not anymore.
    thank you lee isaac chung.
    thank you for the hug🥲