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This review may contain spoilers.

I didn't get the ending to this film the first time I saw it. It seemed like an intentionally confusing way of ending what had been a great film (though apparently it's one of Yorgos's less ambiguous endings), but watching this film a second time I really got what it was about, and how the film got us here.

In the final moments of this film we see three women, each in their own personal hell. Sarah gave so much for her Queen and country, and now she will be separated by both due to the machinations of her own cousin. Queen Anne is becoming less and less able to function both as a Queen and as a person, and in that final scene she realises that her closest confidant is a monster.

Finally Abigail seemingly has everything she wants, but with one order from the Queen she is reduced to what she once was. Seeing her true nature, the Queen makes her a servant once more, standing above her and grabbing her hair submissively. To Abigail she is back with the fat German man with a tiny cock who beat her father at cards for her. She cheated, poisoned and betrayed her way to the top, and in the ending nothing is the same.

The first time I saw this film it was the comedy that stuck out, but on my second viewing the true tragedy behind it all stuck out more. A great film is one that gives you something new to take away from it with each new viewing, and this film was great.

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