Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ½

Where to start? 

So to say I’m a NBA fan is a huge understatement. As a matter of fact, the reason I’ve been far less active on Letterboxd and have been watching less movies in general the past 2 months is because I’ve been obsessing over the NBA playoffs. On top of that, I adore LeBron James. If you didn’t know, he’s played most of his career in Ohio and that’s actually where he’s from. I’m also from Ohio, and because of that I’ve watched hundreds of his games throughout the years and just can’t get enough of the guy. Sadly however, as we all know, athletes (for whatever reason) are thee worst actors in the world. 

This movie is objectively like a 0.6/10 and I’m not even trying to be overly critical. The acting is the worst you’ll ever see in your entire life, the story just isn’t good and the obvious cash grabiness isn’t almost insulting to be honest. But with all that said, I’m completely aware that this movie is not meant for me. This movie’s goal is to appeal to very young kids who love video games and who at least like basketball a little bit. That’s it. And that’s cool! I remember how much I would rewatch the original Space Jam when I was super young and that movie is hot garbage from an objective standpoint. But I’m glad that a new generation of kids will almost certainly like this movie the same way I did when I was younger. And the idea of different generations and different eras coexisting and bonding is the central theme of the movie. It’s wholesome. 

But I have to mention something else before I end this review. There’s this new type of blockbuster that is nothing but rehashing old characters, products and IPs and it has got to stop lol. It was the whole point of “Ready Player One” which is next level terrible, its 50% of this movie and there’s that new Ryan Reynolds movie coming out called “Free Guy” that’s the same exact idea. It takes not having original ideas to a new, shameful level that even the Star Wars prequels and sequels never thought possible. 

Overall, “Space Jam 2: A New Legacy” isn’t good at all but I’m sure it’ll be some kids’ favorite movie which makes me happy.

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