Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

One enormous love letter to a bygone era, with tongue wedged so far in cheek it's practically poking through.

I went into this without knowing much about it beyond the synopsis and I was a little surprised with how and where it went, and if I'm brutally honest I was slightly underwhelmed with one or two story arcs. However, as essentially a 2.5 hour showcase of what Leo and Pitt can do as actors it was phenomenal, and wonderfully solid support from Robbie, Qualley et al only helped to elevate it to something I'll happily watch again and again.

It didn't wow me like Kill Bill nor silence me like Basterds, and it's not going to be studied for years on end like Dogs or Pulp, but this is Tarantino and beyond the inevitable quoting of every line by every student from everywhere, it'll be very, very hard to forget.

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