Edge of Tomorrow ★★★

With some reservations........simply a damn cool film.

It is somewhat depressing when one tries to recall blockbusters of recent years that have captivated the senses during a viewing. Granted, there are typically one to two treasures to be found each summer, but the search is akin to finding an attractive woman in a female prison. With that being said, it is refreshing to be able to say that the strongest draw regarding this film has to be the fun watch it so aptly provides. Fast-moving, lean, and full of energy, it is a pretty breezy watch with some damn cool eye candy to boot. The film is a vessel for some fun cinema, plain and simple.

An alien race has invaded the globe and all of its inhabitants. The human race has finally won its first battle of the war, and has constructed some type of war machine to battle the alien mimics. The humans are planning an invasion, but of course they are unaware that said attack could likely be their imminent downfall.

By now the story and corresponding twist is pretty well-known, but I will nonetheless refrain from specific details for any out there that have yet to partake in a viewing here. Suffice to say the story here is simply a damn good time full of twists and turns. I feel like the villain here cannot be underestimated as the mimics were pretty damn interesting and kept things moving at a brisk pace. Inject an interesting villain in a film and typically dynamics take off and flourish. Thankfully for the viewer, such is very much the case here.

I have to make mention of the use of humor. This is a crucial aspect to the film. Let's be honest here, without the humor the premise would have likely been a bit too ridiculous and collapsed under its own weight. The humor here not only led to some laughs and upped the entertainment value, but most importantly it kept the film grounded and the premise was able to work as a result.

My only problem with this film (and it's clearly not a major one) is found in the characters. Cruise and Blunt weren't necessarily bad here, but I'd be lying if I didn't say there were a little bland to me. In fact, I wouldn't argue if one made the statement that at times they were simply bland as fuck. That being said, there is enough on display here to warrant a watch. In a fun film it is typically quite easy to pin-point the areas in which there was a bit of a letdown. Such was the case here for me.

Simply put............a light and fun sci-fi action blockbuster. If only one didn't have to indulge in a treasure hunt to find the damn thing.

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