Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★★★½

Hard to beat a film that is so innocently and absolutely, 100% about its title. Blends quite seemlessly the environmental compositions of Pomepii, hyper-active cutting of Final Chapter and attention to space of Afterlife. I'm not really a super PWSA head but this seems a fairly intuitive step for the director, making of its minimalist environs true sandboxes in which the film and its occupants are constantly discovering — under the terms of a very contained, point A/point B world — new dimensions. Incredibly economic on all fronts, and I was especially impressed by how visual language is given a major run out, with dialogue adding little at all to the story but a texture. I mean, Jovovich and Jaa maybe share 100 words throughout the whole picture but everything we would ever need to know is expressed in smiles, laughs and the clasping of forearms. Truly excellent and a ton of fun.

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