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  • Skiptrace


    Pretty enjoyable Midnight Run variation that works nicely enough in a turn your brain off kinda way. I'm not saying its great but i think its likeable and might actually be the best Jackie Chan vehicle i've seen from his 2010's work thus far. (Note i still havn't seen the belated Police Story : Lockdown reboot attempt yet nor Railroad Tigers but this was waayyy better than Bleeding Steel which was a huuuge mess or Chinese Zodiac which was ehh--and…

  • When Strangers Marry

    When Strangers Marry

    Its well made but the story hinges on its main character--a young newlywed who barely knows her husband despite having married him after knowing him for the length of 3 dates---immediately believing the worst about him, (that he's a murderer) and then just as impulsively believing that he's not and that its all a set-up.

    Her wanting to help him the second he finally appears and asks for it should make logical sense since it shouldn't take too much of…

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  • The Rocking Horsemen

    The Rocking Horsemen

    Cute coming of age story about a pair of friends (and eventually a third guy who joins them) who start a rock band in the mid 60s Japan both of whom fall in love with American rock music--somehow this is from the director of Hausu (aka House) and even tho it has some nice stylistic touches along the way, its a fairly conventional narrative story wise. The teenagers fall in love, get broken up with, they deal with various authority…

  • The Buttercream Gang

    The Buttercream Gang

    Achingly sincere kid aimed melodrama about this small town vaguely Christian oriented community group of kids who do good deeds together (they also play baseball together but this movie isn't about that!) that gets tested when one of their former members who moves away, moves back like a year later seemingly changed for the worse. Apparently their former friend Pete joined a gang--like an actual gang--when he spent his year living in Chicago (the movie opens with the gang throwing…