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  • Knock Knock

    Knock Knock


    Fun, steamy, violent, contained.

    Knock Knock feels like if the main character from a Hitchcock movie was plopped into an Eli Roth soft-core and I’m all for it.

    Keanu, Ana De Armas, and Lorenza Izzo bring levity and fun to this darker comedic subject matter.

    This isn’t a film for the whole family or to just watch with your mom (oops), but it is a fun romp that is much more relaxed than the usual Eli Roth torture porn movie hour.

    This one just has the porn first, then the torture lol.

    It’s a good time y’all.

  • Airplane II: The Sequel

    Airplane II: The Sequel


    Listen here, SPOOF MOVIES ARE GOOD.

    Maybe it’s due to years of growing up with the scary movie and other Wayans Brothers films but i have always found them to just be so cozy and genuinely funny.

    Airplane definitely set the tone for those guys and i love seeing the goofiest gags 1982 had to offer.

    Also shout out to all of the background gags and set dec that hides in the background waiting to get a stupid laugh.

    Idk props to these movies i love em.

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  • Before Midnight

    Before Midnight



  • The Vast of Night

    The Vast of Night

    Hell yes this one of those special indie flicks that makes you want to make something COOL. Such great storytelling and world-building for the classic 50's rural town. For all of the great one shots in this film, the editing is also fantastic in the brief moments of hysteria. Love that 50's dialect and the entire feeling of this flick. Very much recommend.