Bad Education

Bad Education ★★★★

i think i LOVE saint louis native, cory finely, who has now directed two amazing movies that i love a whole lot.

finely is so great, and i love that he once again got to work with the same dp & editor from thoroughbreds, lyle vincent & louise ford, who both really help a tv movie about a bland, long island public school feel so incredibly real & cinematic. vincent makes outstanding use of fluorescent lighting here, transforming it with a rich selection of filmstock, and turning what should be some of the grossest faces to light the human face, into a breathtaking exploitation of the wrinkles and creases on jackman's face, that his character so deeply despises.

between this and thoroughbreds, cory finley really proves that he knows how to create a hugely expansive, truthful environment for the wildly expressive characters he crafts to inhabit it.

jackman & janney both turn in incredible work here, but i really want to shout out finley's keen eye for picking out great, young & under-appreciated actors for his supporting roles -- geraldine viswanathan, who was great in blockers, jimmy tatro, who was fantastic in american vandal & real bros, of course, alex wolff was wonderful to see (another thoroughbreds alum!), and rafael casal, who absolutely killed it in blindspotting. and how could i forget ray romano???? like WHAT a cast here! fuck, i love movies.

EXTREMELY strong 4 stars.

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