Of Stars and Men

Of Stars and Men ★★★½

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I've been a fan of the Hubley Studio for a while now. They're a refreshing counterpoint to 60s animation from what Disney had been doing. It's fascinating to see how their work is inspired by Disney, from John Hubley's years working in Disney animation, and how through the 60s and 70s, Disney films were just as inspired by John & Faith Hubley's sort of quick sketched, rough look. Watch 101 Dalmatians, and you'll see John & Faith Hubley's influence all over it (if you know what to look for).

As one of the few features that the Hubleys made, Of Stars and Men should really be more widely seen, but it seems to be largely buried. Maybe that's because the film often feels more like an educational video than it does a movie. Maybe that's kind of why I liked it.

Of Stars and Men isn't a brilliant movie, but it's an interesting curiosity from the past. It's a children's astronomy lesson with the simplistic world view of cold war America. It becomes clear to see why we've fucked the world so bad when science's viewpoint just 50 years ago was "humanity will live forever! We can do whatever the fuck we want"

Some of those lines about "zero risk of climate change" are really haunting now that we're about to run full force into that brick wall.

Maybe not an amazing movie, but definitely fascinating, both for the influence of the animators and the time capsule elements.