Buddies ★★★★½

Really moved by the way it moves through AIDS as a cultural fact or somewhat detached/(more accurately) incomprehensible horror (the AIDS book David type-sets, the string of countless anonymous name of people who died with AIDS that bookend the movie) and into AIDS as a distinctly personal experience, a widespread horror that touched the lives of everyone in this community at this time but is still different each time. One of the more downbeat films you'll find—almost unbearably sad throughout the 81 minute runtime, opening on fatalistic strings and that aforementioned AIDS death list—but shimmering at the center is this absolutely human dynamic between David and Robert (other characters populate the edges of the movie but I believe they are the only ones we ever see), it's an angry movie, but always somehow even more than that, mournful and genuine and human (again). Really blown away by this movie

2 notes: the movie more accessible now than in the past—you can buy a blu-ray from Vinegar Syndrome or if your library has Kanopy you can watch it through that (what I did); my interest in this movie was piqued by this piece which I read today, linking in case any of you want to read it as well

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