Edge of Tomorrow ★★★

Edge of tomorrow (original and best title) is all about how through sacrifice and discipline one is able to create their own destiny. 

Major Cage is a faker, basically part of the propaganda machine that put millions of people in the front lines and sending them to their doom. In a way the movie is this kind of limbo or purgatory state where Cage is first shown as a coward, ill equipped, and just very vulnerable compared to the rest of the soldiers and after chance he’s now stuck in this time loop making up for his lies but most importantly becoming a real soldier. 

In this story the way out of hell is not just a personal journey and learning experience like Groundhog Day, but it’s saving the world. The propaganda maker has to become the best solider ever created and save the world exactly like something he would have directed to recruit people. 

So the main idea of the film is that only through pain you can be a real soldier. So the more pain or sacrifice you got the more soldier you are. Case in point he’s died thousands of times now he knows everything and has a real authority beyond a rank. He’s trascended the physical real to exist in some other out of time dimension. In a way this is suppose to highlight the senseless massacre and violence and meaningless deaths but the movie also rebels itself on it. (Which is a tough problem to have with an action movie) so it never really goes in that hard in the psychological or moral implications of the idea. In fact, there’s very little subversive about it. The basic idea is that by the final act he’s still sending all of these soldiers to certain death except this time around is ok because he has been enlightened or suffered enough to be commanding. There’s interesting ideas or dynamics such as the ethics or morality of the hard choices such as knowing that his companion (Blunt) won’t make it past a certain point. 

The action is ok, however, it over relies on shaky cam and disorienting shots to sell the energy which can get old but also feel messy. The Third act really falls flat as it drains much of the dynamics of the rest of the movie and they just kinda ended it. The structure up until that point is kind of cool (but maybe due to similar movies of the same idea like Groundhog Day) But how the repeating scenes just keep evolving until each new iteration has a new meaning or the context is that we’re seeing it not for the first time. This idea of lying to your mates or companions to get them to do what you want because you claim to have a higher knowledge would be interesting, as he was a manipulator to begin with but it’s never explored. 

So, edge of tomorrow, at face value is a cool looking and entertaining enough action movie. Blunt and Cruise have good moments and they sell the action and their characters as the badasses or badasses in training they’re supposed to be. Even the relationship feels more less natural. The suspension of disbelief really needs to be very high as there are multiple plot contrivances and just logic holes that just don’t add up and makes the movie feel lazy and add to that feeling of video-game other reviews talk about. The lack of consequences for a very goal driven movie. The ideas behind it of sacrifice and pain and whatever not really my personal ideas but that’s beside the point. 

Edge of tomorrow is a decent action movie and with the twist of the time loop, just different enough to keep our insatiable appetite for violence, explosions, and action stars going for a while.

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