Favorite films

  • Carnival of Souls
  • Deadbeat at Dawn
  • The Swimmer
  • Scorpio Rising

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  • Damage


  • Massacre Mafia Style


  • The Sparks Brothers


  • Striptease


Recent reviews

  • David Perry's Hot Rod Pinups

    David Perry's Hot Rod Pinups

    I don’t know what I did to deserve this popping up in my Tubi recommendations but I will have to re-evaluate my life. This is a half hour of embarrassing footage of women driving around old cars and doing extremely G rated posing for the camera. I was genuinely surprised to even see this listed on Letterboxed. The music is dreadful. Fentanyl laced cocaine newsboy capped line cook rock. All of these women are the type who dated Nazi skins…

  • Damage



    An ex con gets released on parole only to discover the wife of the man he murdered advocated for his release with the goal of having him raise $250000 for her daughter’s heart transplant. When Walton Goggins sees him kicking ass in a bar fight he approaches him about being in an underground fight club. Steve Austin fights to raise money for the girl but not without some road blocks along the way.

    I had to watch this once I…

Popular reviews

  • The Fear

    The Fear

    This is truly a dreadful movie. I bet people asked for their money back at the theaters in 95 when this came out. Recently I saw a picture online of the soundtrack to this movie on audio cassette. It knocked loose the memory of seeing the poster of the wooden man on display in my neighborhood video rental spot. For whatever reason the profile of the very poorly executed wooden guy always stuck with me. I wondered why a movie…

  • Coyote Ugly

    Coyote Ugly


    A singer songwriter moves to NYC to try and make it big. After much turmoil she finds herself bartending a kind of sleazy bar (not a strip club, not burlesque or even go go bar) where the bartenders dance on the bar to Kid Rock and INXS. I was always curious what the dynamic of the bar was really like in the movie. I never saw this when it came out because I was 14 and saw no reason to…