This Could Be You ★★★★★

Here’s my whole thing;
I hate these fucking wannabe crypto producers man. The people putting the money behind projects like these are the fucking scum of the earth and the epitome of everything that’s currently wrong in the industry. I’m not saying the producer is necessarily a bad dude, but I wouldn’t have a drink with him and I sure as fuck wouldn’t let him dictate and control my art. I’m happy Rafa Brought this project to life, but Jesus fucking Christ if I haven’t heard enough about these moronic producers that won’t cough up the actual funds it takes to make something so original and pivotal in Rafa’s career. I love every single aspect of this film, it’s Kiarostami meets Cassavetes and I could watch it day long; but no. Not according to Mr. Macho Crypto Big Man. It has to be short, bite size content. I’m surprised this dude isn’t an ex executive at Quizi or whatever the fuck it was called.