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  • Cat People

    Cat People


    I can't imagine appreciating it through any lens but academic acknowledgment of its technical merits. The characters are cardboard; the concept isn't the slightest bit creepy (and I'm easily creeped)

  • Soul



    I think Soul's metaphysical shenanigans detract from the protagonist's story rather than enriching it. Joe is a great character, but all of my favorite moments were those in which he's doing his thing, in his own body, on Earth. I don't quite see the point of having him go through a complex otherworldly adventure, let alone of putting his soul into a cat for some cheap gags.

    The message of the movie is "find happiness by appreciating the little moments…

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  • Skin



    Like any challenging work of art about politically charged topics, Skin raises more questions than it provides answers. Questions like, why does this need to exist? Does it have anything to say about race relations in America other than that they are bad? Why does the white supremacist dad get the whole nazi-next-door treatment, with constant emphasis on how much he cares for his son, while none of the black characters gets to do anything but scream in anguish or…

  • Detainment



    the biggest question of this Oscar Season is whether this or Skin is the greatest atrocity anyone inflicted upon the medium of cinema in the year 2018.