Amélie ★★★★

Full of life, fun and imagination, Amelie is a joy to behold. Director (and co-writer) Jean Pierre Jeunet has spun an inventive yarn that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. It is so very witty in the telling of its interactive tale that at once seems preposterous and yet totally alive and real – aided in no small measure by Jeunet’s use of saturated, primary colors.

Primarily a tale of the 20 something young Parisian and how she effects those in her circle while loosely pursuing her own rather wayward and winding road towards finding love, the script is chock full of inventiveness and surprises, including several very funny scenes interspersed amongst the quirky set of players who, in their own way, convey the gamut of humanity. There is an underpinning of truth here, even when the goings on are often crazy and bizarre – a magic trick that Jeunet somehow manages to balance by never letting the absurdity go too far.

A delightful, feel good film that I can heartily recommend without reservation. I wish I spoke French so I could comment more on the actors and their performances, but as usual with a foreign film I had to spend too much time reading the sub titles to fully appreciate the nuance of the performances. That being said, I enjoyed the performance of the actress portraying Amelie as well as that of the “crystal man”, who provides the soul at the center of the film.

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