BlacKkKlansman ★★½

Consider me not shook.

Spike Lee is mad as usual, and this time it's directed at white supremacists and hate. It's obvious that he's angry, and we know why and that it's going to be impactful. Except it isn't.

The story is straightforward and the message is blatant, but it all seems unfocused and clean. Lee for some reason or another isn't furious, he's very held back, very pg in a way. Focusing more on the narrative while inserting frequent jabs/subliminal messages dissing the MAGA fanbase.

Overall it is rather unimpressive and not fully developed. I came into the viewing expecting to be moved in some way over Lee's powerful message. All that came of it was nothing, didn't feel a thing, the story didn't sell and the message wasn't touching.

Better luck next time Spike, for now I'll just stick with Do the Right Thing, thank you very much.

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